5/16″ Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit

5/16" Throttle Shaft Bushing Kit

Price: $59.95

Supply your carb number to make sure you get the proper kit.

The Quadrajet Bushing Kit contains fasteners to attach the throttle blades to the shaft of your Quadrajet. Throttle shaft bushing installation kit for ALL carburetors with 5/16″ throttle shafts. Corrects air leaks at throttle shafts which can cause running issues and unfiltered air to enter your engine.

This is a DIY kit, very easy to use and no drill press is required. Much more accurate than the “dead pilot” method as the bit is self guiding and follows the bore to keep the bushings on center. All that you need is a hand drill, shop vise, couple of wooden blocks or soft jaws, small file and screwdriver.

Part Number:
Kit Contains: 4 bronze bushings 1 self-guiding drill bit 1.5 ml bottle of Loctite™ Detailed instructions