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Title: Turn Around Time Update
Post by: cliffq on May 23, 2019, 08:11:35 AM
Once again we are going to call it 12 MONTHS out, not 12 weeks.  I had a couple of very nasty phone calls to the shop recently telling me they read we were 12 weeks out, not 12 months. 

Anyhow, we will probably get to your carb in about 4-5 months or so, but trying to deter phone calls to the shop and emails asking about when we will get to your carb.

No one gets forgotten, unless you are the guy who put NOTHING in the box with the carb to let us know who it is from or why it is here.

There is no wait time for Marine carbs and most Motorhome units.  Marine carbs get a shot of black paint, all parts replaced and right back at you.  Pretty much the same with motorhome carbs except they don't get the black paint.  We also take in a few fully rebuilt and restored carbs done elsewhere to fill in the gaps, but many of those are so messed up lately even they are bogging us down some.  The quality of work folks are paying for with some of these shops, well, it isn't making the grade which is obvious once you get the carb back and it doesn't do anything right.

I also want to mention here that if your carb is heavily rusted and lots of corrosion it's not going to qualify for a rebuild, it will need restored instead and have the longest wait time.

We told some folks that if their carb was clean and just need us to install a kit and get it correctly rebuilt we'd get to it quickly, then we got in carbs that looked like they came from the bottom of the farm pond and the owners expected a quick turn-around.

We're also down to just me in the shop, my long time employee and good friend Ray Klemm has moved on, and my secretary quit a couple months ago as well.  This leaves me doing EVERYTHING without any help.

It doesn't help with turn around times but rest assured I'll get to your carb and do a great job for you when I do.....thanks for listening......Cliff