Author Topic: Continental Torque Converter Sale  (Read 7816 times)

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Continental Torque Converter Sale
« on: September 30, 2009, 04:43:27 AM »
We are offering free shipping on all Continental torque converters in the month of October, within the US.  Canada and overseas customers will get a $40 discount toward the shipping cost.

We have been selling a lot of the 10" units, they are available from 2600 to 4200rpm's stall speed.   The most popular is the 3200rpm version.  These converters are very efficient, well coupled below the stall speed and locked nearly solid above the stall speed.   They are fine for daily drivers with axle ratios from apprx 3.23 and up.  I use one in my own daily driven Pontiac Ventura, low 11's in full street rim, driven to the track.

They are for the GM TH350 and TH400 transmissions.  We can get them made for other models, including overdrive units.

We have also been selling a lot of 13" units.  These are best for heavy cars and with big engines and axle rations from apprx 3.08 and down.   The 13" unit can also be used as a super "tight" high performance converter, and works well if a gear vendors unit is being used.  Call the shop for pricing, specifics, etc.......Cliff