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My email inbox has grown to more than 50 emails in it daily, and we are getting dozens of calls to the shop every day.

Most of the calls and emails are for technical advise from folks who just "rebuilt" their carburetor and are having "issues" with it.

I do NOT have time to take all of these calls, and one of the first questions you are going to be asked is where did you source out the parts for your rebuild?

IF you did not get your parts from us, then more than likely you have installed rubber or neoprene parts, or not replaced many of the items during your rebuild that will guarentee a good end result.

Sure, among our goals are to sell parts, otherwise we would not be able to stay in business, that goes without saying.

Even so, it is also our goal to make sure that you, the customer, have a good end result with your Quadrajet carburetor. 

The FIRST step in that process is to arm yourself with up to date, accurate and usable information, which is found in our book.

The second step is to follow the directions exactly if you are building your carburetor for a specific application.

The third step is to get Viton components, and all of the parts required for a complete/correct rebuild and upgrading of your carburetor.

IF you have not followed the first three steps, it is difficult if not near impossible for us to help you.

IF you have done everything "by the book" and are having problems, have a carburetor number and all the sizes of every item listed in our "recipes" when you contact us for help.  We will also need ALL of the engine specifications as well, CID, cam specs, compression ratio, etc.

This will save us many hours here and we can be more productive at solving your problems/issues with your carburetor.....thanks....Cliff
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