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HP Rebuild Kits
« on: December 08, 2008, 03:18:30 AM »
Hundreds of customers have purchased our book and our custom rebuild kits, bushing installation kits, tuning parts, and successfully built their own high performance carburetors.

Despite having the knowledge to completely correctly rebuild and tune your carburetor, it is a MUST to use good parts for a successful end result.  We have stepped up to meet the need with our custom high performance rebuild kits.  Since we get so many emails and phone calls about our kits, here is a list of the items they will contain:

Complete fastener set
HP .135" needle/seat assembly (other sizes available upon request)
HP accelerator pump assembly (comes with custom wound springs and retainer)
Idle tubes .034" (any size available upon request)
Power piston springs (4 sizes for custom tuning)
Secondary cam and spring
Idle mixture screws with springs (slotted drive for 1979 and newer carburetors)
Gaskets, which include a 1/4" thick 4 hole base gasket, and an airhorn to air cleaner base gasket
Fuel filter w/spring
Vacuum hose
Secondary shaft return spring
Accl pump check ball
Power piston retainer (split collar for easy installation)
Small part assortment which include the retaining clips for the hot air and electric chokes, clips, roll pins, choke housing seals, etc.

The kits do NOT come with a choke pull-off, choke coil, or jets and metering rods, they can be ordered separately

The fuel inlet needle and accelerator pump are made with ethanol resistant parts.

The accelerator pumps are the late design, with garter spring and florostomer seal, for improved fuel delivery and longevity.  Believe it or not, many over the counter kits still show up with just the pump cup, and many still have the rubber accelerator pump seals on the pumps.

We are constantly upgrading our kits, and many of the parts in them are custom made, and not available elsewhere.

Kits can be ordered by sending us an email to: , or calling the shop at 740-397-2921....thanks....Cliff
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