Author Topic: MUST READ If You Are Ordering Parts  (Read 2313 times)

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MUST READ If You Are Ordering Parts
« on: August 10, 2022, 06:09:03 AM »
Once again IF you are placing an order for parts you must put the carburetor part number in the required field at check-out or it will not allow you to continue.

The Carburetor Part Number is ALWAYS on the drivers side or linkage side of the carburetor.

Early OEM units will have a round tag, those ran thru early in the 1968 model year.  IF you tag is missing and you don't know exactly what the carburetor is I can still put a kit together for it by visual observation (send a pic of it) or if you know the original application.

All later Quadrajets and Service Replacement carburetors will have a Stamped Number on the drivers side running vertical as in the picture below.  There will often be a Plant Code and Julian Date with the number but I don't need that information to put a kit together or to supply the correct parts for it.

Numbers in the "round circle" on the back of the main casting or on the airhorn or baseplate are NOT enough information to supply a kit or the correct parts.

Simply putting E4ME into the part number box doesn't work either.

If you are ordering a part that covers all models, like an HP accl pump putting "1234" or any other combination of numbers in the box is fine.

Even with that said in any and all cases it is BEST to supply the stamped number or number from your tag to make absolutely sure you get the correct parts in your order.....thanks...Cliff