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Upadate on Tech Calls to the Shop
« on: September 30, 2016, 03:31:50 AM »
Good news on the "free" tech calls to the shop, call volume in that area is down considerably.

I also have the office staff screen my calls, which helps considerably.  A few folks still slip past the gauntlet, and try to get me to crawl thru the phone and fix all their issues.  I suppose there just isn't any way to get around all that.

Anyhow, read this carefully.  We (that means myself or staff), will NOT provide technical assistance to folks who have bought EVERYTHING someplace else and are just calling here when nothing is working like it's supposed to.  Those folks should call the business where you bought all the parts for that information, as they should know exactly what you would have needed to recommend them in the first place.

In addition we will NOT supply specifics for tuning parts, but we will kindly supply what you need if you place an order.  Google is a good resource, but when you are in business we've found that IF you provide detailed specifics for tuning parts and don't provide them, about 8 out of 10 times folks will spend great time and effort to buy them someplace else just to save a nickel or two. 

As for rebuild kits and such, IF you went the cheap route and bought from one of the Ebay stores (after reading the long/lengthy sales pitch on how quality is so much more important than quantity) selling crappy parts for pennies on the dollar you already know why things aren't working out well, and calling here isn't going to help that situation, you need to PM or email the person who sold you the $20 kit and associated parts on Ebay.

If you bought your kit at Pep Boys, NAPA, or Advance Auto Parts, and are having issues, you need to drive down to the store and ask the kid with the purple hair who sold you that stuff how to make it work correctly. 

Good luck with that deal, but we are in the business of helping folks get a good end result with their efforts.  We still need to make a little money to keep the doors open, so please respect us for that and fully expect PLENTY of help in all areas if you have chose us to supply your parts for you.......Cliff
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