Author Topic: Rebuild kits, tuning parts and Tech calls to the shop.  (Read 3000 times)

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Rebuild kits, tuning parts and Tech calls to the shop.
« on: November 22, 2016, 05:15:21 AM »
Once again I'm getting more Tech calls to the shop than we can handle.  It also looks like there are new "players" in the parts game, and folks are using their parts, then calling here to get the low down on why it's not working correctly, or what would be the correct tuning parts for their application, etc.

This puts us in a difficult situation for sure, asking us to provide only the "gravy" when you paid someone else for the "meat and potatoes".

If you decide to Google up parts, and select another company to provide them based on what you are doing, then it doesn't work as advertised, it's unreasonable to tie us up here for countless hours on the phone, or endless emails.  Probably best to go to where you bought the parts from and try to get them to crawl through the phone and fix your issues instead.

We absolutely will NOT get involved with these things, unless you plan on buying one of our kits and tuning parts set-up for EXACTLY what you are doing.  Then I know if it does NOT work well, then it's simply a fundamental issue someplace, and not related to the wrong gaskets, idle tubes, jets, metering rods, float, N/S size, accl pump or anything directly related to what was used for the build......Cliff