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For Sale / Wanted "Rules" - Please read once



For Sale - For Trade and Wanted section.
Carburetors, Carb Parts, or any other car parts or complete assemblies.
Motors, Intakes, Heads, Transmission, etc.

As common courtesy let's do this:

* Post a Price, even as a Best Offer starting point
* Post your general location - State, City or ZIP, etc.
* Post an Email Address or Phone number or, state that you want to be Private Messaged.
* Remember that members can and may Private Message you, so explain if that's the best way to contact you.
* You can "bump" these to the top by replying to your post every 3 days.
* Trades are welcome too!
* Please post if the part has sold or been traded. I'll remove the post.
* I'll delete these posts after 2 months if there is no reply, bump or sale mentioned
* Post links to your EBay auctions and Craigslist ads, but if that's all we see here,  we might as well shut the section down.
Thanks and Have fun!

I down loaded the program per your instructions...I can get back into my ad but how do I edit it to add the pictures?

thank you



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