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Turn Around Time Update
« on: April 13, 2018, 06:17:38 AM »
Wanted to put this up there in case folks missed the thread below.

We are just going to call it 12 months at this point, even though we'll probably get it done in 3-4 months.  This is for full restorations and complete rebuilds of old/tired units.

Marine carburetors and Motorhome units are still NO WAIT TIME, usually about a week start to finish.

"Tune Ups", or carbs you just had done someplace else that are clean, restored, etc but don't work correctly, about 3-4 weeks.  No unrealistic expectations here, if it's an old core that needs complete rebuilding it's not going to qualify for this service.

Just trying to deter phone calls to the shop from folks checking on the status of their carburetors just about every day more than anything else.

It's becoming enough of a problem that myself and my hard working employees are getting pulled off of jobs all day long checking the list to see where folks are at and it's causing us to put everyone in the loop even further back.

Not blaming anyone, and ALL of us here know full well that this time of year EVERYONE wants their vehicles moving.  So we're working 7 days a week, longer hours, etc to get things done. 

Even with that said emails and phone calls that make us stop and look at status, etc are just hurting everyone involved here......FWIW.....Cliff