Author Topic: Tuning a Edelbrock 1910 for Buick 455  (Read 401 times)

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Tuning a Edelbrock 1910 for Buick 455
« on: July 21, 2020, 07:35:52 AM »
I have a 70 Buick 455 non stage1 engine in my 66' Buick. It has been running an Edelbrock 1910 Performer RPM for the last 12 years or so. The engine has a Poston Intake, NOS GM stage 1 camshaft (IN. 316 Deg, .407" EX. 340 Deg, .454" 115 deg Sep.) Long tube headers and MSD Ignition system. It runs strong wide open throttle and idles fine but throttle response low speed and cruise is not great. It seems to run on the rich side. I have the part throttle adjustment leaned out on the primaries. Another issue I have is that if you are into the throttle hard then back out and come into the throttle again it burbles and runs rough then clears and runs strong again. It looks like there is a bit of fuel always around the accelerator pump on the carb top. I would like to give it a tune up and maybe drop the jet size on the primary side. I have a 1901 Edelbrock carb sitting around too and I may drop that on while I look through the other one. Do you have some suggestions for adjustments and what I should grab for tune up parts. Also, I am just getting ready to swap the TH400 out for a TH200-4R. I have a TCI bracket and the studs for the carb linkage. Does the Edelbrock linkage have the correct mounting hole for the TV cable? I am going to swap out the mechanical throttle linkage for a cable throttle at swap time so I can make the TV cable mount work. Thanks for any info to share.