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motor build
« on: August 24, 2020, 07:19:14 AM »
Hey Cliff,

I have a 400 block and a crower 60916 cam, planning on building a motor w/aluminum heads and 10.25 to 10.5 compression. I was thinking about stroking the motor to around 428 for this cam to make around 450 hp for the street and occasional trip to the track. My car is a 67 firebird vert, 2400 converter, 3.42 gears, A/C.

I was going to do it local however the shop kept morphing my build into a 500 hp chevy with a high rise intake because that's what they are accustomed to, so it's been cleaned and bored and I got it back after the build kept changing and it on an engine stand in my garage. Nothing against them, but I want the motor to be a nice fit for my car and driving.

I also bought a repro RAIV aluminum intake before I found out the internal casting isn't great.

Do you think a Pontiac engine builder could port the aluminum intake to be at least as good as a factory cast iron or better? Can you recommend one?

Both the quadrajets you worked on have been awesome, I have put up with the current build in my car now for about 8 years and I really want to get a good job done this time by someone who cares about their work like you do, no tapping, leaks etc...