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Pontiac Ram Air Manual transmission Q-jet 7028273

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Cliff Ruggles:
We have available for sale a rare, original and complete 7028273 Quadrajet.

These were used on the 1968 GTO's with the Ram Air II option and manual transmission. 

They were also carried over into the 1969 model year run and used on the Ram Air manual transmission engines there as well.

They are very rare and difficult to obtain.

For more information PM me here, email to, or call me at the shop at 740-397-2921...tks....Cliff


How do You authenticate yours  as and entire proper assembly?

motor head:
do u still have this carb, price?

Date 3448 makes it a 1969 RAIII unit.
RAII units would have full application number and plant code above secondary throttle shaft and date (if any) on throttle plate behind the throttle shaft.


Cliff Ruggles:
This one is sold but I may know where there is another one.  Will check to see if the owner still has it.....


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