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Phone Calls to the Shop
« on: May 16, 2021, 04:27:22 AM »
If you call the shop directly make sure to leave a good message and reason for the call.

It's often easier to order multiple parts by calling the shop directly vs surfing thru the website.  I can put a custom rebuild kit together with tuning parts in minutes vs trying to figure out what you want and trying to get all the right parts in the cart on the website.

Call volume is heavy, IF I don't pick-up leave a good message and I'll call you back.  Folks often talk too fast and not clear enough so I can get the phone number correctly.  Never assume the message didn't get cut-off by another caller phoning in at the same time.

If you are calling for "free tech" and have bought all your parts someplace else call the place where you bought them first and ask them for help.  In these times Google drives the sales market and folks are always looking for the cheapest price with free shipping.  Keep in mind that there in nothing wrong with trying to save some money, but you will NOT get the correct parts, or high quality parts going that direction.

I specialize here in the best parts available for these carburetors and know EXACTLY what tuning parts to include to set up any carb number for the application.  So keep in mind that I make it my mission to get your carb up to par for what you are doing, and outfitting it with parts that will hold up in this new fuel.......Cliff