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Torque Converter Price Increase
« on: April 10, 2022, 06:12:53 AM »
Although not listed on the website I have been selling custom built torque converters for over 23 years.  For the first 19 years Kris at Continental was building them for us.  We used their converters in all of our cars (we race 5 cars out of my shop, or used to at one time).  My car uses their 10" "tight" converter often called the "Jim Hand" converter.

When Kris retired we switched to another company and still offering the very best converters that money can buy, each one custom built exactly for the application. 

The current units are built on a 9.5 housing with a billet cover.  They are very efficient units and can be "adjusted" to match nearly any combination.  We have had excellent success and raving reviews from them.  I sell so many that we've never had to advertise, word of mouth and testimonials from customers has always been more than enough.

We just got hit with a price increase.  For 23 years now we've been selling custom built converters for $650 plus shipping.  We just got hit with a $95 price increase first of April.....YIKES!

The cost of materials is mostly to blame, but you might as well throw the COVID word in there as well, as EVERYTHING has taken a significant price increase in the past couple of years. 

Anyhow, these converters are as good as it gets, and available for just about any transmission out there.  We even offer lock-up units with multiple disc clutches in them so you can lock-up the converter under full power.  Those in particular have very popular recently as a lot of hobbyists are installing 200-4R, 4L60's and 4L80E's into these older vehicles to make them use less fuel and a lot more versatile.........Cliff