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Accellerator Pumps and seals
« on: May 05, 2012, 04:56:06 AM »
We finally had our first accellerator pump blue seal failure.  A customer who purchased one of our kits sent me a picture of the failed pump/seal.  The pump seal failed and rolled up on the pump.  After close observation, I noticed the seal was a lighter blue color than the seals we use on our pumps, as I use a custom made part which is far superior to over the counter stuff.

Anyhow, turns out that we accidentally mixed in several pumps we had obtained in NAPA kits, as we had to buy a few CCC kits a while back when we ran out of gaskets and our supplier was out of stock on them.

There were 5 pumps in all that got mixed in with our pumps, I was glad to see none of the other pumps got shipped out to any of our customers

Anyhow, I decided to do a test.  I took one of the NAPA pumps and one of our pumps with the custom seal and put them in gasoline.  The fuel was from BP, 93 octane and less than a week old.  The next day the NAPA seal had swelled up to nearly twice the normal size, and would NOT fit in a pump bore without binding and rolling over, etc.

Just another reason to avoid over the counter parts.  Folks think because they buy a kit with a "blue" seal in it that it is good for these newly reformulated gasolines containing ethanol.  I learned a good lesson with this test, and we will continue to highly recomend to folks to get good parts for their Q-jet if you want good results from it......Cliff