Custom 50 M Style Metering Rods


Single taper from 0.050” to 0.036” on the upper section / 036” at the power tip

In case if you do not know the Carb number then enter 1234 in the Carb number textbox.


Additional Information

Weight 0.1 lbs

These custom Metering Rods for Quadrajets and DualJets provide a smoother transition on acceleration than the standard dual taper or “stepped” taper, “M” rods.

They will replace all “M” series metering rods used on the 1979 and later single main airbleed carburetors and can also be used in the 1984 and later “motorhome” units.

These metering rods can also be used in 1976 and later models with four main airbleeds that originally used “K”, “J”, “L” or “P” rods with .026” tips. They will require larger jets, but provide a very clean fuel curve and a can be very effective for setting those carburetors up for high altitude applications.


-Cruise diameter: 0.050” tapering to .036”
-Power tip diameter: 0.036”
-Rod overall length: 2.395” – 2.400” (not the earlier and longer 1974 rods that are 2.465” – 2.480”)


GM Rochester Quadrajet M4M and Edelbrock 1905-1910 series. Do not fit Quadrajets with Electronic Mixture Control Solenoid (MCS)

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