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At Cliff’s High Performance, we offer custom Quadrajet Rebuild Kits and performance upgrades for your Quadrajet. Our experience, knowledge and custom made in the USA rebuild kits and parts get the most out of your carb, regardless of the application.

Our rebuild kits come with exclusive USA made parts and lifetime warranty on many of them, including the accelerator pump, needle/seat assembly and float.
Quadrajet carburetors were used by General Motors on millions of vehicles. Quadrajets are very efficient carbs. With proper tuning, Quadrajets provide users with the best of both worlds, mileage and great performance. Many of the top racers and show cars in the country are successfully running Quadrajet Carbs rebuilt with our custom Quadrajet Rebuild Kits and tuning parts.

Quadrajet Rebuild Kits

Carb tuning alone often will not deliver the desired level of performance. That’s the Cliff’s High Performance difference. We sell custom Quadrajet Rebuild Kits specifically for YOUR carburetor. All that is needed is the carburetor part number from the main casting (found on the linkage side just above the secondary throttle shaft) and all of the engine/drivetrain/vehicle specs. We will put together a custom rebuild kit with high performance and tuning parts to take the guesswork out of the equation.

In recent years, enthusiasts have come back to their factory carbs, the Q-Jet in particular for their high performance vehicle. With the rising cost of fuel and the high price of aftermarket carbs, it only makes sense to use an efficient, affordable carb.

For all carburetor services or rebuild kit requests, please fill out the Form HERE and we’ll call you back and quote shipping and services costs.

You can also call us at 740-397-2921. Tell us what you’re sending us and what you need done. You can Pay via PayPal with a Credit Card. This will expedite your project. To see our Quadrajet Rebuild kits check out our Quadrajet¬†Parts Page

Helicoil Thread Repair

$100.00 plus shipping. We’re able to install heli-coils into the 1971 and earlier carburetors that used the 7/8″-20 threads as well as 1972 and later carbs with 1″ thread inlets.

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Baseplate Rebuilding

$60.00 plus shipping We will rebuild just your baseplate. This service includes cleaning, rebushing the throttle shafts with bronze bushings, straightening bent shafts, indexing the plates and setting them for correct full opening.

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