Bob M.

Cliff, My problem with surging is about 99% gone!…. Did exactly the procedure you listed. APT screw came right out. Measured the height before removal with a set of verniers and set it the same with the screw you provided in the rebuild kit. Took it for a ride yesterday and let it warm up for probably 25 miles I live south of Boston so yesterday my Wife and I took it out to western Mass. and back. We were gone 7 hours and the car didn’t fault or stumble once. I had a tri-power set up on it last year and although they are fun to look at and hear when they open up, throttle response is another story when they’re on a set up like mine. I am amazed at the throttle response and transition from idle which this Quadrajet now has. Even my wife says she can feel the power difference and that’s from sitting shotgun.

One of the best purchases I ever made for this car was the Rodney Red aluminum radiator and I’d say your book was the other. This car is just a pleasure to drive slow or fast. Thanks for the help!!