Tyson B

I have been working on Pontiacs as a hobby for over 30 years and during that time I tried to rebuild several quadrajets, however I always found it easier to place them onto a shelf in the basement and replace them with a new Holley. Several years ago my son turned sixteen and purchased a 77 Trans Am and we have spent several years rebuilding it. I felt comfortable rebuilding every aspect of the car, however when it came to the carb I began looking for a new one instead of rebuilding the original. With the hood scoop we were limited to another Quadrajet and I first purchased a rebuilt carb on the internet, however we soon sent it back since the original, with 100,000 + miles on it worked better. We then spent a small fortune purchasing another Quadrajet that was supposed to be totally redone. It however did not perform anywhere near as good as the original, so we went back to it.

Recently the original began to leak air an gas and had gotten to a point the car was hard to start and unsafe to drive. I was at my wits end until I read an article in Pontiac magazine on the problems with ethanol gas. In this article they gave your name as the person to go to for a rebuild kit. As I researched this I discovered that you had written a book and that it was reputed to be one of the best on the market. My son ordered the rebuild kit from you and I purchased the book from Barnes & Noble. Following the instructions in the book and using your well equipped rebuild kit I dove into it and in short order had the carb rebuilt. We placed it on the car and it worked PERFECTLY from the minute the car started. Now several hundred miles later it is still functioning flawlessly. Thank You!

The real reason I’m writing though, is this, during this process my teenaged son called you with a question and several days later I called you about the drill bit enclosed in your bushing kit. In both cases these were simple questions that if we had looked closer at the instructions we would have quickly seen the answers. I know you are very busy and “dumb questions” are a major nuisance when you are trying to run a business. However in both cases, especially with my son, you answered these questions calmly and in a friendly professional manner and I want to thank you.

Your rebuild kit and your bushing kit were complete and of high quality. Your book was easy to read and offered thourough instructions, but your customer service will stick in my mind forever! I have passed your name and website to every mechanic, friend and fellow hobbyist I know and will continue to do so. Thank you again!