You Rock! Eric P.

I’d been struggling for some time trying to correct a WOT stumble problem that my ’76 Trans-Am suffered from, without much luck. The combo (mild 455, OD automatic and 3.90 gears) ran great except when you punched it. The engine would rev normally, then around 4,000-4,500 RPM it would suddenly stumble/buck as though someone had flipped an “off” switch.

Cliff advised me that it was a fuel delivery problem and I used his HP kit to replace the stock fuel inlet/seat, as well as the original brass float and adjusted the carb as he suggested. The stumble is almost completely gone now and Cliff thinks it’ll go away all the way once I install the new secondary rods and choke break I just ordered.

Bottom line, the car is running almost perfectly now and I wanted to thank Cliff publicly for his expertise – and also for his quick, courteous response to e-mails and calls. The guy can be reached by phone – and will actually talk to customers! As many of you no doubt have experienced, this is not a common thing.

So, again – thanks Cliff.