Quadrajet HP Rebuild Kit


In case if you do not know the Carb number then enter 1234 in the Carb number textbox.

Cliff’s HP Quadrajet Carburetor Rebuild Kits include pretty much everything except for jets, metering rods, and the choke pull-off, which are available separately.

Call us to place an order to get the right parts for YOUR setup and accurate shipping costs: 740-397-2921

In addition to kits, we sell many other parts, including choke pull-offs that have been discontinued. We stock Pontiac Ram Air pull-offs with two fittings, the 73-74 Pontiac pull-offs, and the discontinued 71-72 Pontiac/Cadillac/Buick pull-offs. We have the linkage from the pull-off to the secondary air flaps & several fuel filter housings.


Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs

COMPLETE HP Quadrajet Rebuild Kit include:

HP .135" needle/seat assembly. We will substitute any seat diameter from .125 to .149" per request
HP accelerator pump assembly. We include the later model pump with garter spring and Flourostomer seal. This keeps the seal in constant contact with the pump bore, and the seal will not swell or shrink in contact with modern fuels
HD accelerator pump duration spring, and matching pump return spring
These components are made to our exact specifications, for optimum fuel delivery from the accelerator pump assembly.
Pump retainer is also included
Power piston springs. We include 4 power piston springs, made to our specifications, they are color coded for easy identification, and will cover any engine cid/compression/camshaft combination(s)
Secondary plastic cam and spring. Two items that should ALWAYS be replaced for any level of rebuild
Secondary throttle shaft return spring
Fuel filter spring
Fuel filter
Complete fastener set, including a 3/8"-16 set screw for the APT hole in later APT carburetors for easy external access to the adjustment screw
We also include a #4-40 screw that can be added to the airhorn to make the airflap angle adjustable
Gaskets. We include high quality gaskets, including a 1/4" thick carb to intake gasket, and an airhorn to air cleaner base gasket
Small parts: check ball, clips, filter housing gasket, seals, etc
Vacuum hose for the choke pull-off
Idle tubes. They are .034" standard, we'll pre-drill them to any size required upon request
We include the correct Float for the carburetor number. These are the most modern version of the nitrophyl floats, which will provide the best fuel control for all applications
We can add jets and metering rods to your order. Currently, we have custom primary metering rods for the later APT carburetors only. We are having primary rods made for the early carburetors, and custom secondary metering rods

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