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Thanks. I will check them!
I helped a buddy with a 1988 era mercruiser original Qjet, both well plugs leaked. Infact the last 3 Qjets I've done had at least 1 well plugs that leaked (primary and/or secondary). I just do them as a standard repair now.
Pretty rare to find a Marine carb leaking at the bottom plugs post about 1978.  They are very well made and the plugs are swaged in place better than most other units.

Marine castings are typically in better shape as well as they see much less use and not nearly the heating/cooling cycles automotive carbs get.   The big enemy to Marine units is rust and corrosion as they live in a wet cold environment often tucked under an engine cover or in a closed engine compartment.....
Quadrajet Parts and Numbers / Re: Help Identifying Quadrajet 17080284
« Last post by Adam Lopez on February 20, 2020, 11:33:22 PM »
Thank you for your help.👍
Sorry, one more question: are these carbs susceptible to well plug leakage?
Good news.  There is a link in the package with the kits to basic instructions, plus I put a list of Marine kits by carburetor number in with them so you know the float levels and basic settings.

In the kits you'll find the correct high flow Marine Viton N/S assemblies, correct HP Marine pump with a stainless steel return spring, chrome vanadium duration spring, and lifetime warranty pump cup w/garter spring.

The main body to airhorn gasket is also made from a better material and .015" thicker for improved sealing.

I ship the same day if ordered before apprx 11am...tks...Cliff
I brought back the "exchange" carb today and got my original one back, cleaned up and looking good. Thank you so much! I got it before someone else did. So now I have 2 original marine units, identical. I installed and ran the one I picked up today and NO LEAKS of course!

You were a huge help Cliff! I will be purchasing 2 of your rebuild kits soon. Do you have rebuild instructions on this site or can you recommend where to get them?

Thanks again,
Quadrajet Carb Talk and Tips / Re: Marine Tex won,t dry help anyone
« Last post by Mr.Pontiac on February 19, 2020, 05:46:11 PM »
Momma left for a couple hrs., put it in oven 225 degree,s for 45 min. hard like concrete.
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