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Buy Quadrajet Parts, Quadrajet Kits, Service / Re: Carter or Rochester?
« Last post by Kenth on Today at 01:18:19 PM »
Here is what i
Buy Quadrajet Parts, Quadrajet Kits, Service / Re: Wanted 17057262 Baseplate
« Last post by 429bbf on June 17, 2019, 07:55:57 PM »
might have one take me a few days to look.
After re-reading my post, I realize this makes no sense.  I'd remove if I could. I apologize.
Dialing in your rebuilt Quadrajet carburetor / Recalibrating For Horsepower Gain
« Last post by Brian B. on June 17, 2019, 12:48:10 PM »
After a mild camshaft change, my engine produces 22% more horsepower based on track testing.  Carburetor is 7044270 with stock dimension air bleeds.  Should primary jets/rods be changed to reflect 22% larger effective area now?   I'm using .147 needle/seat, 5psi pump, small float, 11/32" float level.  Car runs strong with no issues but trying to fine tune.  I feel like I am missing something basic here but don't know what is.  Thank you!
Does the fuel puddle only when the car is running? or after shut down?
Quadrajet Carb Talk and Tips / Re: Quadrajet help! Wont get up to speed
« Last post by qjetsrule on June 17, 2019, 12:59:47 AM »
possible plugged cat? fuel pump going out?
Thanks for the reply guys - good information.

I'm getting fuel puddling on both left and right sides of intake manifold, I think it might be coming from the secondary throttle shafts as they are quite loose and the puddles are just below the secondaries. Anyone ever run into this? Anyone ever installed bushings in the secondaries?
The float pull clip, fastened to the float valve, hooks over the edge of the float arm at the center. Its purpose is to assist in lifting the float valve off its seat whenever fuel level in the float bowl is low.
CAUTION: Do NOT place pull clip through small holes in top of float arm. Severe flooding will result.

Fuel filter check valve is an "anti-rollover" safety device keeping the fuel from leaving the fuel tank through the carb at an accident.

The non-windowed inlet valve were introduced so that all fuel will be discharged over the top of the float valve seat. This provides a smoother flow of fuel through the float valve seat to control fuel turbulence in the float bowl.

And, if an original fuel pump is used, it has an anti-drainback valve built into it keeping the fuel in the float bowl before it evaporates.

Diagnose a Quadrajet carburetor problem / Re: Edelbrock 850 performer RPM Q-jet
« Last post by Cdennis on June 14, 2019, 10:06:06 AM »
Thank you for the reply Cliff, I don't drive the car in temps under 50 so the choke is set lean. When i first fire engine during warm up idle smells good. It gets full warm then it starts to smell a little rich. Off idle part and full throttle work awesome, the car is a real beast out of the hole. The octane booster is easy 1 can to 16 gallons 103 from 93 is about 60 dollars fuel abs 25 bucks additive 5.31 a gallon beats 8 bucks a gallon. Stay out of the gas pedal it gets decent mileage. Forgot to mention full headers 3 inch to the axle thru x pipe 18 degrees initial 36 total hei with 6a
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