Quadrajet SR Rebuild Kit

Quadrajet SR Rebuild Kit

Price: $45.95

Supply your carb number to make sure you get the proper kit.

Quadrajet SR Rebuild Kits are designed for the budget-minded customer that wants a top quality kit that includes many of the same hand selected, custom made parts as our HR kits.

*Electronic Kits are not available in the SR Kit.

Call us to place an order to get the right parts for YOUR setup and accurate shipping costs: 740-397-2921

In addition to kits, we sell many other parts, including discontinued choke pull-offs. We stock Pontiac Ram Air pull-offs with two fittings, the 73-74 Pontiac pull-offs, and the discontinued 71-72 Pontiac/Cadillac/Buick pull-offs. We have the linkage from the pull-off to the secondary airflaps & several fuel filter housings.

The SR Quadrajet Rebuild kit includes: New float, complete accelerator pump assembly w/springs (lifetime warranty on pump seal), Viton high flow needle/seat assembly, fuel filter/spring, secondary cam/spring, power piston retainer, complete gasket set & small parts.